Perlis is the northern-most and smallest state of MalaysiaPerlis was originally part of Kedah, although it occasionally came under rule by Siam or Aceh. After the Siamese conquered Kedah in 1821, the British felt their interests in Perak to be threatened. This resulted in the 1826 Burney and Low Treaties formalising relations between the two Malay states and Siam, their nominal overlord. In the Burney Treaty, the exiled Kedah sultan Ahmad Tajuddin was not restored to his throne. Sultan Ahmad and his armed supporters then fought unsuccessfully for his restoration over twelve years (1830–1842).

In 1842, the Sultan finally agreed to accept Siamese terms, and was restored to his throne of Kedah. However, Siam separated Perlis into a separate principality directly vassal to Bangkok. Sayyid Hussain Jamalulail, the paternal grandson of a Hadhrami Arab Sayyid immigrant and maternal grandson of the Sultan of Kedah, became the first Raja of Perlis.[5] His descendants still rule Perlis, but as rajas, instead of as sultans.

As with Kedah, the Anglo-Siamese Treaty of 1909 forced Siam to relinquish its southern Malay vassal states to Great Britain. The British installed a Resident in the Perlis Royal capital of Arau. Perlis was returned to Siam in World War II as a reward for Siam's alliance with Japan, but this brief annexation ended with the Japanese surrender. After World War II, Perlis returned to British rule until it became part of the Malayan Union, then the Federation of Malaya in 1957 and lastly Federation of Malaysia in 1963.

Since 2000, the Raja or hereditary monarch has been Tuanku Syed Sirajuddin. He was the Yang di-Pertuan Agong of Malaysia from 2001 to 2006. Tuanku Syed Faizuddin Putra was the Regent of Perlis during the five-year period when Tuanku Syed Sirajuddin was Yang di-Pertuan Agong.

The Coat of Arms of Perlis consists of a sturdy green wreath of padi, indicating the kingdom's wealth and the people's chief economic activity. The shield in the center represents the pride of the people. Inside the shield is a ring of golden rice surrounding the name "Perlis", written in the Jawi script.

In Malaysia you have several regions, one of which is called Perlis. The most popular city in this region is Kangar. So we will use the climate data of Kangar to tell you more about the kind of weather you can expect in Perlis: One thing to take into account is that on average, the temperatures are always high. The coldest month is January, with an average maximum temperature of 31°C (88°F).

Some other facts:

  • A lot of rain (rainy season) falls in the month of: April, May, July, August, September, October and November.
  • September is the wettest month in Perlis. This month should be avoided if you are not a big fan of rain.
  • January is the driest month.
  • The warmest month in Perlis is March with an average maximum temperature of 34°C (94°F).
  • The coldest month is January with an average maximum daytime temperature of 31°C (88°F).

Perlis is the smallest state in Malaysia and is located on the north of Peninsular Malaysia, bordering Thailand. Famous for its limestone hills and fresh seafood, Perlis is a peaceful state with friendly people. Though not as popular as the other states in Malaysia, it has its rustic charms and here are the top 20 Perlis attractions that you should visit.

1. Arau Royal Gallery (Galeri Diraja Arau)

Located 20 minutes away from Kangar, this Royal Gallery is situated just next to the Perlis Royal Palace. Over here, you will be able to see many artefacts such as the royal uniforms, a rattan bicycle, glassware and bronze utensils collection that used to belong to Almarhum Raja Syed Alwi Ibni Almarhum Raja Syed Saffi. You will also be able to catch a glimpse of how the Perlis royalties live their life in this Perlis attraction.

Operating Hours: Daily, 10:00am – 6:00pm
Ticket Price(s): Free

2. Kelam Cave (Gua Kelam)

Kelam Cave is a 370 metres long cave that is located in the small town of Kaki Bukit. This enchanting cave provides visitors with an experience like no other as you will need to go through a narrow wooden suspension bridge to enter the cave. At the end of the cave, you will be greeted with an amazing valley view, the Wan Tangga Valley.

Operating Hours: Daily, 8:00am – 5:00pm
Ticket Price(s): Subject to tour fees

3. Wang Burma Cave (Gua Wang Burma)

Wang Burma Cave is one of the most popular Perlis attractions for spelunking. The cave system is divided into 2 main caves: Wang Burma Satu, the less challenging cave with a scenic background and Wang Burma Dua, the cave with narrow passages and muddy tunnels for those who wants to physically challenge themselves. Regardless of the path you choose, your journey will start with a 40-minute jungle trekking to reach the entrance of the cave.

Operating Hours: Daily, 8:00am – 5:00pm
Ticket Price(s): Subject to tour fees

4. Perlis State Park (Taman Negeri Perlis)

This 5000-hectare park is located at Nakawan Range, the longest continous range of limestone hills in Malaysia. This remote state park is also the only semi-deciduous forest in Malaysia, a phenomenon where the trees shed its leaves for a very short period of time before they are replaced by newer ones. However, you will not be able to access this place freely as you are required to engage a ranger to guide you through the park.

Operating Hours: Daily, 8:00am – 5:00pm
Ticket Price(s): Subject to tour fees

5. Timah Tasoh Lake (Tasik Timah Tasoh)

Timah Tasoh Lake is a reservoir that was built in 1992 that serves 2 purposes in Perlis: supplying water to the people and flood prevention. The lake got its name from the 2 rivers that supplies water to it: Timah River and Tasoh River. Due to its natural surroundings, this lake also serves as a sanctuary for migratory birds during winter in the northern hemisphere.

Operating Hours: Daily, 24 hours
Ticket Price(s): Free

6. Perlis Vineyard (Taman Anggur Perlis)

The Perlis Vineyard is a vast grape plantation that is in season every month, though the types of grapes that are available will differ. Among the types of grapes that can be found here are Black Queen, Black Opal and New White Malaga, just to name a few. The grapes are planted in batches, ensuring visitors the opportunity to see the fruits no matter when they choose to visit the vineyard.

Operating Hours: Tuesday – Sunday, 9:00am – 6:00pm
Ticket Price(s): Free

7. Melati Lake Recreational Park (Taman Rekreasi Tasik Melati)

Melati Lake Recreational Park is another one of the many Perlis attractions that you should not miss out on. You will get to see more than 150 small sandy islands scattered around this lake by walking on the wooden platform that was built to allow visitors to travel from one end of the lake to the other. Not only will you be able to enjoy the scenery in this place, you will also get to see tonnes of lotus plants floating on the lake here.

Operating Hours: Daily, 24 hours
Ticket Price(s): Free

8. Canopy Walk SPF Mata Ayer

Completed in 2011, this Perlis attraction was built for the purpose of flora and fauna research, apart from promoting ecotourism. This canopy walk is 17 metres above ground and roughly 100 metres long from one platform to the next. While you stroll along the canopy walk, you will not only get a bird’s eye view of the entire area, but also get to see the oldest teak tree in Peninsular Malaysia.

Operating Hours: Daily, 8.00am – 4.00pm
Ticket Price(s): Adult – RM5 | Child – RM3

9. Wang Kelian View Point (Menara Pandang Wang Kelian)

Completed in 2011, this Perlis attraction was built for the purpose of flora and fauna research, apart from promoting ecotourism. This canopy walk is 17 metres above ground and roughly 100 metres long from one platform to the next. While you stroll along the canopy walk, you will not only get a bird’s eye view of the entire area, but also get to see the oldest teak tree in Peninsular Malaysia.

Operating Hours: Daily, 8.00am – 4.00pm
Ticket Price(s): Adult – RM5 | Child – RM3

10. Arked Niaga Padang Besar

Another one of the more popular Perlis attractions that you should visit is Arked Niaga Padang Besar. You can get almost everything you want here. Absolutely! From clothes to cooking equipment, you can find it here at affordable prices. There are also food stalls selling a variety of foods and make sure you give it a try.

Operating Hours: Daily, 9.00 am - 6.00pm
Ticket Price(s): Free

  • Perlis Ostrich Farm (Ladang Burung Unta Perlis)
  • Nipah Kipli Farm (Ladang Nipah Kipli)
  • Kota Kayang Museum (Muzium Kota Kayang)
  • Al-Hussain Mosque (Masjid Al-Hussain)
  • Bukit Kubu Amenity Forest (Hutan Lipur Bukit Kubu)
  • Perlis Snake and Reptile Farm (Taman Ular dan Reptilia Perlis)
  • JPS Floating Market (Pasar Terapung JPS)
  • Pengkalan Asam Trails Recreational Park (Denai Larian Pengkalan Asam)
  • Bukit Jernih Recreational Park (Taman Rekreasi Bukit Jernih)
  • Perlis Herbal Forest (Rimba Herba Perlis)
  • Tuanku Lailatul Shahreen Bougainvillea Garden (Taman Bunga Kertas Tuanku Lailatul Shahreen)
  • Bukit Ayer Amenity Forest (Hutan Lipur Bukit Ayer)

1. Warung Tepi Sawah 769

Warung Tepi Sawah 769 is famous for its scenery as it is located beside a big rice field. They have some great local breakfast selections for you to enjoy while seeing the wonderful scenery. If you wish to come here, visit the restaurant earlier because the weather can be hot in the afternoon.

Operating Hours: 7:00 am – 12:00 pm (Tuesday to Sunday), closed on Mondays
Address: 01000 Kangar, Perlis.

2. Anjung Keli

Anjung Keli is among the most popular restaurants in Perlis. It serves a wide selection of Malay cuisines like Masak Lemak Keli, Daging Merah and many more to be enjoyed during lunchtime. Its signature dish is unsurprisingly the catfish and its varieties expand with different cooking styles. It also comes with ample parking so you can rest assured that there will be a spot for you and your family.

Operating Hours: 10:30 am – 4:00 pm (Daily), Closed on Fridays

Address: Medan Sri Pulai, Jalan Behor Pulai, 01000 Kangar, Perlis

3. Kak Su Laksa

Kak Su Laksa offers the best laksa in Perlis. They do not provide other food options as they only focus on making high-quality laksa. Hence, they only sell laksa and pulut udang, which is known as appetiser. This is something that you cannot find in central and northern region of Malaysia. Therefore, you should visit Kak Su Laksa whenever you visit Perlis.

Operating Hours: 12:30 pm – 7:30 pm (Wednesday to Monday), closed on Tuesdays
Address: 97,Lorong Siakap 1, Jalan Kuala Perlis, 02000 Kuala Perlis, Perlis.

4. Api-api Ikan Bakar

After catfish, let’s taste some other fish. Api-Api Ikan Bakar’s signature is their grilled fish. Unlike other grilled fish with red and spicy sauce, they use spices to marinate and grill the fish. Hence, people who cannot withstand spicy food can also enjoy it. Do not look down on them as they have a systematic system to give you a waiting number so that every customer orders by sequence.

Operating Hours: 5:00 pm – 10:30 pm daily
Address: Jalan Dato Ali, Bukit Tok Po, 02000 Kuala Perlis, Perlis.

5. Restoran Suri Masakan Melayu Asli

If you are the type who likes to eat mixed rice, Restoran Suri is the best choice. There is a wide variety of ghetto or Malay dishes and salads prepared fresh. Random eyes to choose. All this at an affordable price.

Operating Hours: 9:00 am – 4:00 pm (Closed on weekend)
Address:  Jalan Kampung Pondok, Kampung Pondok, 01000 Kangar, Perlis.


By Train

The main Kuala Lumpur - Bangkok train line crosses between Malaysia and Thailand at Padang Besar in Perlis. Trains from Butterworth (near Penang) also join this line and run through Perlis. Both the Malaysian (KTMB) and the Thai (State Railways of Thailand) rail companies serve Perlis' two stations at Arau and Padang BesarBoth countries' border controls are dealt with at Padang Besar, which is just on the Malaysian side of the border.

By Bus

Kangar's Bukit Lagi bus terminal is the main stop for interstate long-distance express buses to/from Kuala LumpurButterworth and other major cities. Kuala Perlis and Padang Besar also have long distance bus connections. Regular buses run between Kangar and Alor Star.

By Road

  • To/from Thailand: There are two land border crossings - Padang Besar and Wang Kelian, 35km and 40km north of Kangar respectively.
  • To/from other parts of Malaysia: The main road into Perlis is Route 7, which links Alor StarKedah with Kangar and Padang Besar at the Thai-Malaysia border. Motorists using the North-South Expressway should exit at the Changloon interchange (north of Changloon town) and proceed along the Changloon-Kuala Perlis Expressway to Perlis.

By Boat

Perlis is the main jumping-off point for Langkawi. The Kuala Perlis ferry terminal can be easily reached from Kangar and the North-South Expressway via the Changloon-Kuala Perlis Expressway.

    There are also boats running between Kuala Perlis and Tammalang pier near Satun town in southern Thailand.